Benjamin A. D. Williamson

Researcher in Materials Simulations


I am a post doctoral researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim (Norway) working within the Functional Materials and Materials Chemistry Research Group (FACET). My previous PhD and post doctoral work was carried out at University College London (UCL). My work has involved the simulation of bulk and defect properties of semiconductors for a wide range of applications including: n and p-type transparent conductors, photocatalysis and thermoelectrics. My main interests are in the determination and prediction of new materials for various semiconductor applications as well as understanding the enhancements and limitations that defects and dopants provide. My current work is primarily focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms, limitations and defect chemistry in rechargable battery materials as well as developing insights into oxide-ion conductors, photocatalysis and ferroelectrics.

Education and Training